Collage Art by Raúl Gil

Collage on paper, 2014.
Come And See, 2014.
Un Hipster, Días Antes De Morir, 2014.
Central City.

Collage on paper, 2014.
Monument Valley, 2120 A. D.

Handmade Collage, 2014.
L’étrange Voyage, 2014.
Pouce, 2014.
Aliments Infantiles, 2014.
El Viaje Interior, 2014.
No Comment (Mazda), 2014
Inundación, 2014.

A preview of what you will see on “Viajes con el Marqués”, a forthcoming exhibition to be held at the Cerralbo Museum, Madrid, from march 15 to may 5 2014.
Cavalier, 2014.